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The Sunken Beauty, 
Isha Gupta 
(Acrylic painting on linen)

Isha Gupta @creationsby_isha
- A Self-taught Acrylic Artist

Since childhood, I have been drawing and scribbling with whichever medium I had. Back then, it was just a hobby, though I was really fond of it, never had a thought to make a business out of it.

After the completion of my graduation in, Art found me...again. In 2018, I created an Instagram account for my artworks. The responses and the feedback made me to re-think my choices and later on I decided to offer services like acrylic paintings, mandala artworks and re-created paintings from clicked photographs.

Even though I didn't actually study Art, I could connect myself to it very well. In a way, I found myself passionate about something and it was and is...'Art'. Art is my peace. Generally, my creations are the depiction of one's emotion, visual and reflection of life. I especially like to draw women (their hair, postures, or gestures). But I also love other topics like mandala art, watercolor illustrations, nature and wildlife. I use acrylic paints the most. Whatever I am today or even pursuing till this date, is all possible because somehow I have been blessed to be with the most wonderful people around me. My family plays an important role in this journey, my biggest inspiration are my parents. My mother taught me to be a good and kind person whereas my dad made me an honest person. Whether it was motivating me to do better or guiding me to become a dedicated version of myself, my dad has always been there for me. My sister though she is younger to me but been no less than playing the role of an elder sister or the shoulder whenever I need and my baby brother, always keep my inner child alive. It's been quite some years doing what I love and there's so much more to add, learn and achieve. Being a part of this wonderful Art community, I have learned so much, been inspired in many ways, by many talented artists. The only thing that kept me going was I don't want to stop here. I am still a learner and I will be. Keep Creating. Keep Inspiring. 

Acrylic Paintings

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